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Yes, Quality CCTV Systems is able to take over many different types of alarms. We will need to inspect the system prior to taking it over.

Yes, our technicians have experience with most major brands of security equipment. We are also able to provide repair parts for most major brands.

Security systems send their signals over your telephone line to a central monitoring station-the facility that acts as the link between your home and the police, fire department, and emergency response authorities. A central station is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly skilled operators trained to respond to emergencies. The station operator alerts the proper authorities and dispatches help.

That’s a valid concern. In the event that your phone line fails or it is cut, there are back-up services that work in tandem with your home security system to ensure your safety, the most popular being a cellular radio service that contacts the central station in the event of an emergency. The only additional equipment required would be a small radio transmitter that connects to the control panel of your security system.

We strive to be better than other large security companies who offer internet specials. At these web sites you will find low, low prices, but what are you actually getting for your money? First, you are probably buying products that are not built to last. Second, the boxed sets that are sold this way are usually not complete. You usually have to add on (at high prices) to get a system that will work for you. Third, to get the low price, you have to sign a contract with their monitoring company, usually for three years or more, at high monthly prices.

We we believe in a package that will your exact needs. We always give you the best price we can on equipment we know to be of top-quality. And we don’t force you into a three-four-or-five year monitoring contract, but if you do sign up for our monitoring service, we will offer you the lowest monthly fee around.

Simply defined, line seizure puts the alarm panel in full control of the phone lines in your house and disables the use of the house phone when there is an alarm. It is an important safety feature and our technicians take extra steps in the installation process to ensure the equipment will perform line seizure.

Virginia electronic security companies are regulated by the Department of Criminal Justice. The department was designed to ensure that all people working in electronic security have a clean record and background. All sales people, technicians, and administrative personal need to have the proper background check and be appropriately monitored by the state of Virginia.

Quality CCTV Systems, Inc. strictly follows the rules set forth by the Department of Criminal Justice. Every single employee has been fingerprinted and has had a background check through the Virginia State Police and the FBI. This means the utmost protection for you, your family, and your personal information.

The control panel is the brains of the security system, it should be hidden and backed up by a battery, and wired to ensure line seizure. The keypad is the means in communication between you and the control panel. Some units have the keypad, control panel, and siren all in one “convenient” unit, but this unit does not provide maximum security. Robbers need only to rip the unit off the wall to silence the alarm and prevent the call made to the monitoring station. It is very important that you have a separate control panel and keypad unit.

Quality CCTV wants you to rest assured that you really do have the highest level of protection. We take steps to ensure that if a burglar were able to attack the keypad, the control panel, siren and the integrity of the alarm system would remain unaffected.

The best way to prevent false alarms is a combination of training on the use of the system & regular testing of your system. You should work closely with your alarm provider to cut down on false alarms.

Digital phone and voice over IP telephone service may affect your alarm monitoring service. Differences in technology and wiring cause the connection with central station monitoring to be severed when new digital service is installed.

Your alarm system may need to be reactivated or rewired after voice over IP installation and your telephone service provider will not take responsibility for any discontinuation in alarm monitoring service.

We advise you to contact Quality CCTV prior to making any changes to your telephone service. Provide the date and time of your install so Quality CCTV can arrange to check the status of your alarm. If you have already converted to a digital (DSL) or voice over IP system, please contact Quality CCTV immediately and make arrangements to have your system evaluated.

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