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Durable Commercial Turnstiles

Commercial turnstiles customized to business.

For commercial businesses, controlling and monitoring the flow of foot traffic can be vital for security purposes if your business experiences large amounts of pedestrian access. Especially true for businesses with valuable assets, sensitive data or costly investments, certain areas require extra protection and security.

This is where our 30 years of experience in installing turnstiles can help further secure your business’ protection.

With waist-high and full-height mechanical turnstiles available, you can rest assured that your turnstiles will not only act as a intrusion deterrent, but it will help with crowd management, selective security access and loss control.

Ensuring safety and security in the workplace.

Easy to install and safe to use, these turnstiles are excellent pieces of security equipment for industries like:

  • Construction
  • Factory
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses

Our turnstiles include:

This economical turnstile is ideal for low to medium traffic installations. It can be used for two-way traffic in a mechanical operation or one-way traffic in an electrical access control operation.

*Turnstiles are capable of counting persons passing through.

These turnstiles can control traffic in one or two directions. Operation can be free entry with no exit, free exit with no entry, free entry and free exit.

*Turnstiles are capable of counting persons passing through.

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