Available 24/7/365 DCJS#11-1900

Customized Security Intrusion Alarm Systems for Commercial Businesses

Electronic security intrusion alarm systems made for your business.

Your business should be properly protected with an intrusion alarm system. Without an alarm system, your facility could be exposed to a myriad of outside threats that include potential unauthorized entry, destruction of irreplaceable property and data.

We can provide you with a customized electronic security intrusion alarm system that can be monitored 24/7 to protect your building, your equipment inside the building and other valuable assets.

Cookie-cutter intrusion alarm systems or one size fits all systems from the internet or big box stores can be unjustifiably costly and they’re only partially protecting your business. They don’t take into account your specific security needs, the structure of your building, the frequency of authorized visits nor your expectations of a monitored alarm security system.

They can often feel like an unwise investment.


Keeping businesses safe with systems tailored to you.

Commercial intrusion alarm systems are the most cost-effective place to start in providing protection for your business and all associated property.

Intrusion alarm systems have the ability to communicate via standard phone dial tone, the internet and cellular/GSM providing you primary and back up forms of communication.

We can design a system for you that is all hard wired or wireless depending on your needs.

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